We have a new website

We release. Today we launched our new website, we hope that you enjoy it because we created it with great enthusiasm. Here you will find hundreds of examples of paintings and murals, hand-painted tiles and we can quote any of them. Or whatever else comes to your mind: a drawing, a photo, a famous painting...

We have radically changed our brand image, so you will learn that hand painted ceramics are not only classic still-life and landscapes designs, but it is an ideal decorative solution for any project of any style decor. Even suiting modern & contemporary home decor.

With the website, we started our journey in social networks, with profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, where you can get to know us even better and keep you informed every day about Artelux, about the world of ceramic art, and all kinds of topics related to art, decoration and craft.

We hope you participate in all this and that you learn all the decorative possibilities of artistic ceramics hand painted.
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