New website and corporative identity of Artelux
It is our pleasure to introduce you our new website directed to the world of interior designers, Welcome to

Thanks to the Samaruc Estudio´s labor we have reconverted our brand stepping ahead into a new working concept. After an exhaustive analysis and subsequent design project we come out in society with our new corporative identity.

Artelux: new identity, same character
Artelux has been working with ceramic tiles almost 50 years, hand-painting tiles under request, developing the projects our clients propose, always true to traditional techniques, with special interest on the design and its relation to architecture and interior designers. This interest, added to the need of opening new lines and opportunities in the future of our corporation, has leaded us in 2016 to outline the redesign of our new corporative identity and the public image of our company.

Current Identity and goals
Our historic logo is deeply related with the physical of handmade labor, talks about handicraft, tradition, craft and gesture. Looks close, kind, well-known and easy, but it is dissociated from the specifier, the architect or the interior designer that we want to approach to. Reaching this specifier is one of our main objectives from the change taken by the company in 2016. Mainly architects and interior designers, but also industrial and graphic designers as well as multidisciplinary design studios where projects such as franchises and commercial offices are being developed. A complex and heterogenic sector to get in, always by the hand of design and quality as inalienable premises.
The proposal
We have concluded that the graphic communication cannot be focused only in the manual-work side, we have to understand handicraft as something intrinsic to Artelux, but tangential when talking about what we do and how we do it. Therefore the new brand should be able to associate design and technology. The redesign of the identity that is considered expects to be the starting point to reach that association in the specifier´s mind.
The new corporative identity of Artelux is based on the use of an exclusively typographic Logo, with a presence solider than the previous one, which talks about the work itself that it is behind, and with the aim to update and get along with renowned firms within the architecture and interior design sectors.
Perception of the new Brand
The identity proposal for Artelux is friendly and close, but talks about handicraft from a more technical point of view than the previous brand, through geometry and the shapes of a typography designed based on the work of the artist Eduardo Chillida.
Versions and development of the Brand
The renovation proposal of our identity has in its strategic action program the necessity to diversify itself in two sub-brands, which are addressed to antagonistic target public and therefore unrelated to each other.

Artelux 1969
By emphasizing the year of foundation we send a clear message pointing out our history, traditional values, roots and the consolidation of brand, product and service that have been active for 47 years. Artelux 1969 is therefore the continuing line, classic and traditional, full of handicraft and aesthetics for which it has been known until now.

Artelux Contract
The second name “contract” is itself a definition of the client, target audience, as well as the product and service that we intend to offer from now on. Contract is a professional and familiar term for the field of architecture and interior design, therefore, the message is clear and direct. Artelux Contract is offered only to professionals as a product and differentiated service focused on the development of design projects which integrate hand-painted tiles.

Turning point
The renovation of identity that we are talking about has been a work of several months in which different professional teams have been involved, both internal and external. It is the starting point of a new stage and professional activity aimed at diversification and development of new ideas, services and products, that from Artelux we face it with the greatest illusion, confident in our ability to overcome and endorsed by our record.

Now that you know us a Little better, we will be happy to welcome you to our new web :)
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