Artelux is incorporated to The Pan´s Club with the realization of its new logo
The trenddy vegetarian restaurant, The Pan´s Club in Barcelona, chose to work with Artelux for the new design of his corporative brand.
In an enterprise that works with bakery is very important the hygiene and using materials that facilitate cleaning and avoid the accumulation of dirt.

The hand painted ceramic  allows versatility to tailor and customize any format and image, besides being a suitable coating and perfectly accepted for use in areas of food and offers maximum hygiene.

THE PAN´S CLUB commissioned Artelux, hand painted tiles, do the interior signage local with the exact reproduction of the logo, with their personal typography and corporate colors, the elegant combination of white on black.

Artelux did the work exactly how THE PAN´S CLUB said, in a mural with more than 3 meters to long with a framing as a finish.

The mural designed fits perfectly with the cool and vintage style offered by the restaurant, which gives us an ideal place to hang out or just grab a take-away and enjoy it.

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