Artelux® makes hand-painted tile by completely traditional techniques. We love artistic ceramics.

During the 18th and 19th centuries the antic Valencian tiling reached worldwide recognition for its artisanal value levels. The master Valencian potters reached great prestige decorating convents, churches, palaces, noble villas...
We are fully faithful to the traditional techniques of those centuries to create unique pieces and adding great artisanal value, which are a unique decorative solution not only for rustic and traditional atmospheres, but also for all kinds of modern and avant-garde decorations.
We maintain the artisanal and traditional values of the process but we are constantly looking for new ways, new styles...
In addition, we carry out all kinds of ceramic restoration. Our workshop is specialist in crafts and restoration of old tile-making and we can restore all types of tile, old tile plinths...
Since our Foundation in 1969 we have maintained this artistic tradition thanks to the know-how heritage of our master ceramists, trained in the Superior School of Manises ceramic, an institution founded in 1914 with great international prestige.
We have over 40 years of experience making hand-painted tiles to provide authentic works of art ceramics.

Get a unique piece, custom made, and painted by hand, that will last for generations and generations. Have an art gallery with permanent designs for a lifetime We offer more than 200 paintings from our catalog, but you can also send us, your own design, the image, photograph or drawing that you want, and we paint it upon request.
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